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Covering the basics – testing web pages for common problems

This post is part advice and part shameless promotion. I work in the software industry and test large-scale enterprise websites on a daily basis. In both my personal and professional browsing, I’m constantly amazed at the common errors I find on websites of all sizes. I recently tried to download some motherboard spec’s on the […]

Performance Testing with jMeter

After listening to an excellent presentation on Performance Testing with Open Source Tools put on by Goranka Bjedov of Google for the Google London Test Automation Conference (available on Google Video), I decided to take a peek at jMeter. I’d used it briefly in the past, but didn’t have a huge use for it at […]

Automated Testing with Perl

If you are a software tester or Quality Assurance Engineer testing any sort of product with a web interface and you aren’t using Perl to automate your testing, you are missing out. Perl is a simple, fast, powerful scripting language that has a ton of free modules available to ease your job as a tester. […]

Your test suite is not flexible – get agile with FIT

If you haven’t heard of FIT yet, you need to know about it. FIT is an open source framework that allows you to add and execute complex tests from a simple web interface. The requirements of FIT are pretty basic. – You need Apache installed on the machine – You need to be able to edit […]