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Maximize your search engine ranking through strategic keyword usage

Search Engines are your friend

By far the best way to get traffic to your site is by being listed in the search engine rankings, the closer to the top the better. There are a lot of myths about what it takes to get to the top and a lot of advanced tactics that some webmasters use to maximize their search rankings. For the small business owner with a product to sell however, simple strategies often work the best. One of the most critical components of getting your site to be listed in the search engine rankings is through the proper use of keywords and key phrases (groupings of words) on your site.

How search engines work

Search engines are getting more advanced each day but, at their core, they are fairly simple utilities. A search engine will send out a "spider" (sometimes referred to as robot or crawler) to crawl through links on the web. When the spider comes across your page, it analyzes the content on that page to figure out what that page pertains to.

Content is king

For the most part, spiders can only see the text on your page. They can't tell what an image is unless you describe it with ALT text in the >img tag and they can't see anything that is rendered by javascript (often counters, mouseover effects, etc). Because of these limitations, its critical that you make sure the text content of your page conveys the meaning of what you are trying to say. Using keywords and key phrases is the best way to do this.

Picking the right keywords

You'll want to pick words and terms that describe your content accurately and are perhaps unique enough that they won't show up on the thousands of other websites that may be selling similar products or services. If you sell a specific product, instead of just writing in general terms about your product use descriptive phrases describing what makes your product unique. List the types of materials you use in your products if that is your niche, emphasize the main features of your product over the competition. Mention the geographic area that you want to target your marketing on. You need to find certain terms that you want to target that are specific enough that you will be able compete in the search engine rankings. There are thousands of businesses out there that may sell similar products, what makes your product unique? There are many, many books on search engine optimization and learning how to create a website that will be conducive to excellent search engine rankings, but the bottom line is to ensure that the text content on your page is highly descriptive of what you are trying to sell, unique enough to allow you to compete against the competition within your niche and that you use consistent and repetitive words and phrases throughout your site so those will show up as your main keywords that the search engines will use to index your site.

Keep it simple

As a word of caution, don't try to outsmart the spiders. The tactic of "keyword stuffing" (filling your page with unrelated terms or repeating the same words over and over again to try to appear more relevant) is well known and search engines will actually punish you for using this tactic. Write useful, targeted content and wait for your search engine rankings to increase!

How we can help

The DistinctScan website scanner on our home page will automatically print out lists of the most common keywords and key phrases on a given web page. Use that output to determine if you need to tweak your content to maximize your site for search engine readability.

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